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 Grand Opening, New IPC Training Center, June, 2017


Realtime Technologies is very proud to be the official certified IPC centre and

IPC distributor in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. We  present all major IPC certification training programs.

Realtime Technologies offer certifications as tailored solder training courses as well as Certified IPC Trainer (CIT) and Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) certifications in IPC-A-610, IPC 7711/21 and IPC/WHMA-A-620 courses.

The duration of these courses vary between 2-3 days. The success of the attendant is determined with written and practical exams.

We are able to present the courses anywhere in EUR or abroad.


Realtime Technologies (based in Ireland, California, Czech Republic and Slovakia) is a leading provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services and integrated supply chain solutions.


Our company is specialized in conformal coating, rework, PCB assembly, refurbishment and electronic repairs. Our contract manufacturing supports full turnkey high and low-mix PCB assembly and conformal coating for volumes that range from prototype quantities, to small runs for pre-production purposes, to volume production.


Besides manufacturing services we also provide sales and distribution of ESD products, electronic devices, soldering materials. We represent several well known producers (Tagarno, Thermaltronics, MicroCare, Eurostat, Eurosaft, AlphaLab, Reeco, etc).


Realtime Technology is also IPC member and IPC training center for technical norms (IPC-A-610, IPC 7711/21, IPC-WHMA-A-620-B) and we provide trainings to all major electronics manufacturers based in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, such as> Johnson Controls, Rohde Schwarz, Panasonic, Foxconn, Siemens, Enics, Delta Electronics, Invensys, SIIX EMS, Power-One, Eltec, Eurotron components, PULS, Dicom Mesit, Mikroelektronika, Elpro, and many more...



  • Realtime Technologies s.r.o.


    refurbishment of used goods for further use
    return of used goods into operation
    decrease in economic costs and ecological burden

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  • Realtime Technologies s.r.o.


    warranty and post-warranty service for LCD and IT equipment
    demanding customer modification
    PCB repairs
    InfraRED PDR soldering process technology

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  • Realtime Technologies s.r.o.


    we can protect your PCB against adverse environmental impacts
    automated process of cleaning, coating and hardening of lacquers
    quality guarantee including full records and output control

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