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SensMax - Humidity and Temperature Sensors

SensMax Wireless Temperature and Humidity Measurement and Recording

More and more industries, including food industry or pharma industry, require the recording and preservation of temperature during production and storage (HACCP*). In order to secure an uninterrupted temperature chain, temperature and humidity records are extremely important. Paper records and manual writing of the temperature is extremely inefficient both from personnel and economic point of view. Our product records the temperature every 5 minutes and stores the value in the Cloud (SensGuard Service). The data are always available and whenever the temperature rises or drops outside the set range, you will receive a notification via SMS or an e-mail.

Temperature sensors (thermometers) are very small, wireless (battery lasts up to 5 years), and can be placed anywhere. The data from the sensors are automatically saved and you can generate the report for a required period very easily.

Warehouses and food stores, greenhouses, food production, pharmacies, libraries and art archives, freezers and cooling boxes – SensMax sensors are used everywhere to measure temperature and humidity.

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