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AKIMist® Mobile Disinfection Unit – DryFog

State-of-the-art Japanese industrial sprayer AKIMist® creates a dry mist that reaches into every corner of the room. The device sprays microscopic droplets smaller than 10 μm. The droplets are so small that they can effectively destroy viruses and bacteria without wetting people, objects and the environment. You can use AKIMist® in any environment – whether it is an industrial production plant, hospital, food production, or office. Dry fog disinfection doesn’t damage or wet valuable devices, fine electronics, or paper.

Patented humidifier AKIMist® is characterized by the extremely small and uniform-size spray droplets.

  • Dry Fog droplet size: is on average 10 μm (max. 50 μm)
  • COVID-19 virus: is about 0.1 μm in size and often appears in clusters measuring 5~10 μm

AKIMist® Dry Fog sprays a droplet size about the same size of the contaminated droplet floating in the air. As the diluted disinfectant is sprayed to become the Dry Fog, water in the droplet evaporates quickly leaving the disinfectant liquid to get in contact with the virus and efficiently disinfect.

If the droplets are too big and there’s too much disinfectant liquid, then it becomes corrosive for the spraying unit, the environment with equipment, and the human body. 

AKIMist® Dry Fog sprays a homogeneous distribution of uniform-size disinfectant droplets which allows to envelop and eliminate the airborne viruses.

What is AKIMist® Mobile Disinfection Unit - DryFog

AKIMist® is one of the best-selling products of the established Japanese company IKEUCHI, which has been operating on the market for more than 60 years. IKEUCHI’s high-quality technological solutions are used by many satisfied customers. 

Where you can use AKIMist® Mobile Disinfection Unit - DryFog

  • Disinfection and sterilization of indoor spaces of any size
  • Ideal for hospital and medical facilities
  • Suitable for production halls, shops or offices
  • Public areas

Main Benefits of AKIMist® Mobile Disinfection Unit - DryFog

  • Dry fog disinfection
  • The material of the industrial dry mist sprayer is resistant to chemicals
  • Operating costs are 1/5 vs steam atomizers
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • All-in-one solution with built-in compressor
  • Timer (optional)

AKIMist® Mobile Disinfection Unit - DryFog available in our eshop

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