About us

Our company, Realtime Technologies SK, s.r.o., was established at the end of 2003 and started its operations in March 2004. It is a subsidiary of Realtime Technologies Ltd. based in Dublin, Ireland, a renowned supplier of manufacturing services for the electronics industry.

In our work, we benefit from the experience and skills acquired and developed by the parent company so that we gradually build up a similar base of manufacturing services in local conditions. Our ambition is to be a useful and reliable partner for any player in the electronic manufacturing market.


Our partners

Our partners include international companies that are the market leader. Thanks to it, we can ensure quality, efficiency, ease of work and time saving, as well as high level of expertise.

Realtime Technologies SK, s.r.o.

Ambrova 8, 83101 Bratislava

ID: 452 95 786
VAT: SK202 292 8413

Phone: +421 2 2120 1800
Email info@realtimetec.sk

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About us

More than 10 years of training experience, problem solving in electronic assembly and PCB painting.

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