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Our company covers the development and production of IoT sensors (LoRa); rework and PCB repair; training, advisory services and audits; and, last but not least, the sale and distribution of products.

IPC and ESD Training Center


As the first company, we bring a comprehensive training portfolio for our customers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic ( ipc-center.com ). The feedback from our customers makes us believe that we provide a professional int
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All of our audits include insights into the latest trends and practices in electrotechnical production. Our close cooperation with IPC in the United States as well as at European level gives us professional background.
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Thanks to the broad knowledge of IPC requirements, we can deal with solutions to problems in electronics production and rewinding. Audits and training in ESD area are among the most desirable services in automotive and other electronics industries.
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Development and production of IoT sensors

Our end-to-end solutions are able to fully meet energy measurement requirements...

We specialize in household and industrial energy measurements. Measurement of temperatures and humidity in adverse climatic conditions. Our modules are also capable of working reliably in deep, low-temperature temperatures with a high degree of protection (up
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Sale and distribution


Based on the IPC training experience, we have created a portfolio where it represents brands capable of providing the technology and quality required to meet the IPC standards themselves.
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Rework a Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating

Impurities, moisture and chemical deposits cause electronic components to malfunction. This is not necessary because our company specializes in selective PCB painting.
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Competence center - MYCRONIC

Since September 2017, we have been the Mycronic Competence Center and will be involved in specifying the Criteria for Driving Conformal Coating for Printed Circuit Board.
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Rework and modifications

Rework / PCB repair belongs to our highly valued and client-centered workplace.
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Comprehensive Analysis

Diagnostics of electronic structures, PCBs and components

We offer a wide range of services in the field of diagnostics and assessment of electronic assemblies according to IPC standards.

Testing of PCB solderability and components

One of the most important tests is the solderability test, which is often required for many specific soldering problems.

Other electrotechnical analyzes

We offer broad support for various analyzes in the field of electrical engineering, electronics as well as material structure analysis.

Our partners

Our partners include international companies that are the market leader. Thanks to it, we can ensure quality, efficiency, ease of work and time saving, as well as high level of expertise.

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More than 10 years of training experience, problem solving in electronic assembly and PCB painting.

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