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Our services

Our company covers the development and production of IoT sensors; rework and PCB repair; training, advisory services, and audits; and, last but not least, the sale and distribution of products.

IPC and ESD Training Center


We bring a comprehensive training portfolio for our customers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic ( ). Thanks to the feedback from our customers we know our services are useful.
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All of our audits are based on thorough knowledge, the latest trends, and long-term experience from the electronics industry. We closely cooperate with IPC in the United States and in Europe.
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Thanks to extensive knowledge of IPC requirements, we can deal with solutions to any problem in electronics production and rewinding. ESD audits and training belong to the most desirable services in the automotive and other industries.
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Calibration and analysis

Our portfolio includes a variety of diagnostics and metrology services: - Calibration of ESD testers - Diagnostics of electronic assemblies - IPC standard analysis
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Rework and Conformal Coating

Rework and Modifications

Rework / PCB repair belongs to our highly valued and client-centered workplace.
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Conformal Coating

Impurities, moisture and chemical deposits cause electronic components to malfunction. This is not necessary because our company specializes in selective PCB painting.
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Competence center - MYCRONIC

Since September 2017 we are a European Competence Center of the company MYCRONIC and involved in specifying the criteria for using conformal coating for printed circuit boards.
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Sale and distribution


Based on the IPC training experience, we have created a portfolio where it represents brands capable of providing the technology and quality required to meet the IPC standards themselves.
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Dry Fog Humidification

Spray systems, cooling systems, cleaning and self-cleaning nozzles of various types and flow rates. IKEUCHI humidification systems offer solutions tailored to the specificities of your industry.
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Development and Production of IoT Sensors

SensMax - Humidity and Temperature Sensors

We specialize in household and industrial energy measurements. Measurement of temperatures and humidity in adverse climatic conditions. Our modules are also capable of working reliably in low temperatures.
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Smart DryFog Controller

Smart DryFog Controller is a fully automated system using IoT to maintain the optimal relative humidity.
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Our partners

Realtime Technologies SK, s.r.o.

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About us

More than 10 years of training experience, problem solving in electronic assembly and PCB painting.

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