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Coronavirus killer already in Slovak production companies and shops

1. April 2020

Closing or not closing? This is a key question of Slovak manufacturing companies these last days. Great pressure from trade unionists especially appeals to high health risks for employees.

Management argues that they are taking all available measures. But how can we convince workers and trade unionists that they really have nothing to worry about? For example, by introducing disinfection that kills viruses with confidence – with the Japanese AKIMIst sprayer.

Manufacturing businesses must continue to operate. With maximum protection for employees against the new coronavirus. The very basis is (in addition to strict personal hygiene) the disinfection of the premises. On the Slovak market, we have a dry mist sprayer that will penetrate every corner of the room – AKIMIst E. This humidifying system sprays microscopic drops smaller than 10μm, ie “dry mist”. The drops of disinfection are so small that they allow disinfection without wetting the environment. So you can disinfect several times a day, even during full operation. And employees will not have the uncomfortable feeling of dropping the unknown fluid on each other.

AKIMIst from world-renowned IKEUCHI is a proven product with 60 years of tradition and high Japanese quality. Especially in recent times, it has been one of the most effective tools to combat new, destructive viruses, many of which originated in Asia. The avian influenza SARS or the Asian flu helped to improve AKIMIst in most crisis situations.

Now it intensively helps AKIMIst to fight the new coronavirus. In Slovakia, it is used for the disinfection of Bratislava shops and warehouses of the dm drugstore network. However, it is most visible in the country that suffers most from the new coronavirus – Italy. Here the government, together with a disinfectant container, uses it to fight the new coronavirus for disinfecting and cleaning public spaces.

It’s not just a coronavirus. AKIMIst spray systems from IKEUCHI will also help increase humidity in production halls or work areas. Especially in winter, humidity often falls below 20%, which can cause health complications to employees but also increases the risk of electrostatic charge, which can damage products. Last but not least, it minimizes the risk of spreading other, common diseases such as influenza to the workplace.

“IKEUCHI has a number of advantages over other systems we used before (high pressure, steam humidification). First of all, I would like to appreciate its SAFETY, almost no costs associated with its servicing and operation, as well as the way of distributing dry mist (spraying water with compressed air) – even spraying without dripping and spraying water, ” says Tomáš Kulich, ENICS Slovakia, sro

AKIMIst Sprayers in Slovakia are distributed by Realtime Technologies, an international specialist in industrial technology. In addition to Slovakia, it also operates in the Czech Republic, Romania, and Ireland.

IKEUCHI humidification systems offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of each industry. Contact an expert, Karol Džupa, to help you find the right solution for you –, 0948 654 022.



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