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How to apply conformal coating to electronics assembly?

20. January 2020

Good selection = good result

During the first meeting, we identify the needs of the customer. Based on it we ask for technical data. Every project is tailor-made. The next step is for the customer to visit our company so we can test the technology on one of the pair of coating lines. When all materials are ready and cleanliness of electronics assemblies is secured, the application technician creates a program on the off-line station. The program is then sent to the line and adjusted according to entry. The process can be prepared for any type of coating. The coating is applied selectively or by immersion in the case of whole surface application. We measure the thickness of coating during the process. The next step is hardening in the furnace or drying in the chamber. The results are carefully evaluated. We can build the line from standalone machine to a complex system with conveyor belt, plasma cleaning, inspection workstation, hardening furnace and cooling buffer from Mycronic.



Our lines use Mycronic technology offering a modern way of in-line coating process management. We are able to apply film-coating, spray, swirl, jetting or by a needle. We have two types of IR hardening furnaces in our lines using panels with a higher stability of temperature profile. Every line has an inspection workstation and conveyor belt.


Process control

We offer AOI for conformal coating control. AOI checks the electronics assembly after the coating and before the hardening. If any fault is found, buffer marks the electronics assembly to be sent back to the inspection workstation.



We have our own drying chambers for electronics assemblies, from 2,5 m³. We can deliver these chambers in any size according to your needs. If you are interested in journal storage, you can use stands for any journal type for 3x3 or 4x4 journals.


The requirements for reliability and durability of electronics assemblies in automotive, medicine, the arms industry, aviation as well as consumer industry are very high. If you want to comply with them and consider what technology can help you to obtain it, contact us. Our team of application technicians is always here to help you.


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