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Introducing: Thermaltronics, the leader in soldering

29. March 2021

Soldering is a key process of the electronic industry. Without soldering, it wouldn’t be possible to produce complex electronic assemblies. It might look as a simple thing, but to achieve a reliable and quality solder joint is sort of an art. Hence the selection of the right soldering tool is very important. 

In the field of hand soldering products, Thermaltronics is the industry leader. Their products use the unique Curie Heat Technology for precise temperature control. Nowadays, temperature accuracy is crucial when it comes to sensitive and complex electronic assemblies. Component density, lead size, and thermally sensitive components – all of this makes soldering more demanding and requiring accurate tools. Thermaltronics Curie Heat Technology responds to the thermal demands of each solder joint by adjusting the power instantaneously, thereby meeting the exact requirements of the substrate component and solder material. Unlike other types of soldering stations using microprocessors for the temperature, Thermaltronics uses physics law. Soldering stations include both 13.56 MHz or 470 KHz power supplies. The setting of required power takes place in the core of the tip where Curie Heat stabilizes the temperature and immediately transmits it to the tip.

In addition to the hand soldering product line, Thermaltronics also offers an extended range of accessories. These include very popular IR underboard heaters, fume extraction, tip cleaning systems, soldering tweezers, as well as innovative soldering robots.

The development of the soldering robot was preceded by a study of the human movements done during the soldering process. Unlike Cartesian linear robots, Thermaltronics soldering robots incorporate design concepts and components for achieving accuracy during repeated movements. What makes Thermaltronics soldering robots so special?

  • Robots have two arms and six axes
  • They smartly compensate for PCB variance
  • Curie Heat Technology ensures correct soldering temperature
  • Advanced system of recognition and mapping
  • They use fiducial marks for accuracy
  • Laser dynamically adjusts the height
  • Lifetime guarantee of software updates

American-Australian company Thermaltronics manufactures a wide portfolio of soldering products used in the electronics industry. All products have strict quality control and conformance with International Manufacturing Standards, as well as compliance with ISO 9000 & ISO 14000. Thermaltronics holds certification in TuV, GS, NRTL & CE. High quality of products proves a number of awards Thermaltronics has received. Soldering robot TMT-R9800S has received four prestigious awards.

Are you interested in Thermaltronics soldering stations or soldering robots and don’t know which one to choose? Michal Raus, winner of the 2nd place at the European round of Hand Soldering Competition in 2015, is happy to help you. Contact him at 00421 917 112 716 or


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