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Viruses, Business and Dry Fog Disinfection

14. May 2020

This year has introduced disinfection as something that every organization has to take into account. If you lack a solution that can clear the space of an invisible enemy, you have a problem. Rooms, halls, storage rooms and other premises in your company and organization can become a source of infection for you, your employees, and your customers.

Quick and effective disinfection of rooms with dry fog

AKIMist® mobile disinfection unit – DryFog offers a long-term reliable solution for the disinfection of spaces. It is an efficient device developed by the Slovak company Realtime Technologies SK for super fast disinfection of areas using dry fog. “Our solution is unique due to the fact that the dry fog penetrates the entire space. Even large areas can be disinfected very quickly. And unlike with the ozone disinfection, you can use the room right away”, says Michal Porubec, director of Realtime Technologies SK.

  • AKIMist® mobile disinfection unit – DryFog uses state-of-the-art Japanese technology of dry fog. Dry fog consists of microscopic drops of fluid, with a size below 10 μm and evenly distributed in space. Due to their miniature droplet size, they can effectively destroy virus particles.
  • The uniqueness of the dry fog created by AKIMist® is that it doesn’t moisture anything. Sensitive devices, fine electronics, textiles, and paper – everything stays dry. AKIMist® will not even wet the mobile phone you put directly in front of the spray head.
  • You can use any disinfectant solution in AKIMist®. We recommend Dezanol disinfection. Dezanol kills viruses but doesn’t harm people.
  • Disinfection of a room with an area of 100 m3 takes max 15 minutes. Compared to ozone disinfection, this is a significantly shorter time. (Ozonation of the room takes about 40 minutes and space then must be ventilated of another 45 minutes.)

Dry fog can be used in any space

AKIMist® mobile disinfection unit – DryFog can be used in any space. The nozzles are adjustable, as well as the telescopic rod to which they are mounted. This way you can direct exactly where the dry mist should flow. You have a choice of one or two nozzles; one nozzle can cover up to 100 m3. With dry fog, you are 100% sure that the disinfectant reaches all corners of the room. Including those where you would not reach with hand-sprayed disinfection. Thanks to the wheels, you can easily move the device wherever you need to disinfect the premises. And the best thing is that you can use AKIMist® all year round. Spray nozzles can be used to humidify the air. Dry air is a big problem, especially in winter. It causes high static electricity, the equipment can be damaged more easily, due to dustiness dirt particles stick to everything. The environment with low humidity also causes problems for humans. Space, where the dry fog was used to humidify the air, is a much better working environment. For people and also for devices.

A reliable partner for safer rooms

Slovak company Realtime Technologies SK, s.r.o. has been operating on the market for over 17 years. It acts as an official distributor of the renowned company IKEUCHI and in cooperation with this Japanese company, they created AKIMist® mobile disinfection unit. This device has already helped several companies to reliably disinfect the premises. And not just companies. They also lent one facility free of charge to Slovak homes for the elderly. Jana Matulova, Director or DSS Pezinok: “As the disinfection unit is mobile, handling it was simple for us. We disinfected all areas in DSS with the unit. The advantage of the disinfection device is also the height-adjustable rod with nozzles. The nozzles can be also rotated and adjusted as required.”

Dry fog is a reliable solution for hospitals, shops, offices and cars

Whether it’s an operating room, a doctor’s office, a grocery store, an electronics store, an office, an entrance into the building, or a car interior, the dry fog will make sure these areas are safe and disinfected. In addition, you can use the device all year round. During influenza or coronavirus epidemic to disinfect. During the winter to humidify the air. During the summer to cool the hot environment.

AKIMist® mobile disinfection unit – DryFog is available in Bratislava. Contact Realtime Technologies to help you create a safe environment in which viruses stand no chance., +421 948 654 022, +421 2 2120 1800.


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