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Calibration and analysis

Calibration of ESD Measuring Devices

In our company, we provide calibration of all devices for measuring ESD space. These calibrations are done on-site or in our laboratory, based on the client's requirements. We calibrate primarily these devices:

  • Metriso 3000, Metriso 2000, SRM 120, SRM 200
  • ESD testers Botron Elite, PGT 100, PGT 120, PGT 2000
  • Temperature and humidity sensors TF-530, T/H sensor Z550 for Metriso 3000, T/H sensor for Metriso 2000 
  • Measuring probes models (850, 870, 844, 890, 860, 880, 900)

Diagnostics of Electronic Structures, DPS, and Components

The most commonly used methods of diagnostics of electronic structures, DPS, and components are optical, electron, fluorescence, laser, and AFM microscopy. The analysis can include a selection of an area in order to prepare materialographic cuts. We also provide diagnostics of DPS, LTCC, and other connecting structures.


  • Active and passive components
  • De-capsulation of chips
  • Soldering
  • Mechanical defects (fractures, cracks)

Solderability Testing of DPS and Components

We use solderability testers MUST in our laboratory for wiring structures in order to confirm the compatibility of lead-free soldering alloys and surface treatment of components and printed circuit boards. Tester is equipped with nitrogen cover providing an inert atmosphere and imitates real-life conditions.

Dip and Look Test
Wetting Balance Test
Flow Test
Lead-free Solder SAC305

Other Electrotechnical Analysis

  • Diagnostics of electrical insulation systems and on-line monitoring
  • Testing of high voltage insulation systems
  • Thermal analysis (thermomechanical analysis, dynamic mechanical analysis, differential scanning calorimetry, simultaneous thermal analysis)
  • FTIR infrared spectrometry
  • Analyzes of solid, liquid, and gas substances
  • Determination of glass transition temperature, melting temperature, determination of thermal or weight stability of materials, analysis of released gases accompanying thermal decomposition of materials, measurement of longitudinal thermal expansion
  • Monitoring of technological discipline and monitoring the quality of supplies
  • Microscopy (laser confocal, fluorescent, optical, electron), 3D measurement
  • Materialography and image analysis
  • Climatic tests
  • Diagnostics of electronic components, PCB, and wiring structures
  • Interference immunity
  • EMC accredited and environmental resistance tests
  • Noise measurement
  • Electroacoustic diagnostics
  • Building and room acoustics
  • Sound technology tests
  • Design of measurement and diagnostic methods

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