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All our audits contain knowledge from current standards, the latest trends and procedures in electrical engineering production. Our close cooperation with IPC in the United States and also at the European level gives us a professional background, direction and confidence that we will bring the latest knowledge to our customers.

We offer our customers audits in the field of production processes in relation to IPC standards and ESD protection of manufactured assemblies. We can also provide you with audits of your suppliers.

IPC Audits

As part of IPC audits, we provide complete audits, audits of the production of a specific product, partial audits according to relevant standards, for example storage of components, soldering processes.  

The audit of soldering processes according to IPC J-STD-001 includes the inspection of many factors that can affect the correctness of the soldered joint. From inspection of soldering materials, storage of components, setting of temperature processes, to visual inspection of the soldered joint itself.

ESD audits

The ESD audit of the EPA workplace includes not only the inspection of surfaces and grounding, but also the relevant documentation, administrative measures and compliance with work procedures. In this way, it is possible to verify the functionality of the entire program for ESD protection of sensitive components.

  • Independent assessment of the current state according to STN 61340-5-1:2017
  • Verification of requirements for randomly selected elements in the EPA zone and outside it
  • Verification of administrative requirements
  • Output in the form of a complete report and auditor's conclusion

In case of adequate fulfillment of the requirements of STN 61340-5-1, the company obtains a certificate of conformity valid for one year.

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