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Dry Fog Humidification

Dry air is your problem. It causes high static electricity, equipment is more easily damaged, products have increased error rate, dirt particles stick to everything due to dustiness and low humidity causes skin, mucosal and conjunctival problems to employees. All this means you can’t produce at full capacity, experienced employees are often ill, and your profit is lower than you planned. We have a solution for you. Humidification systems of the Japanese company IKEUCHI will enable you to keep your operation in optimal conditions in every season.

  • They effectively moisturize without wetting the environment, products, or workers. IKEUCHI humidification systems spray microscopic droplets of water, less than 10μm. This is called „dry fog“. Dry fog droplets are so small that they allow humidification without wetting the environment. This keeps equipment and employees dry and safe.
  • IKEUCHI systems have low operation costs, which are only one-fifth of that of conventional steam humidifiers.
  • The devices can control the humidity and temperature very precisely. This makes IKEUCHI humidification systems invaluable in industries where every percentage of moisture counts. They can keep the moisture level at the required level.
  • You can successfully use IKEUCHI sprayers to disinfect your production plants and premises. Dry fog ensures a 100% disinfection of the area without wetting objects.

IKEUCHI is a leader in its field. Since 1954, it has been tirelessly bringing innovation to the nozzle world, and its engineers have developed 42,000 different types of nozzles and humidifiers.

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