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Smart DryFog Controller

Our solution for industrial humidification combines IoT sensors with Japanese spray nozzles. The fully automated Smart DryFog Controller ensures the required humidity in the space.

Optimal Relative Humidity

The right air humidity is very important not only from a health perspective (dry air dries out the mucous membranes and helps the spread of diseases) but also in various types of industrial production. Optimum relative air humidity reduces dust, the risk of ESD (electrostatic discharge), drying of colors, or machine failures.

Automatic Monitoring of the Environment

IoT sensors monitor the temperature and humidity of the environment and automatically save the data every 5 minutes. The graph below shows the options for viewing 7 days or a month. The client will receive a record of all sensors by email in a CSV format with an interval of his choice (we recommend hourly intervals).

The basic version represents the control of six separate branches, the extended version offers up to 32 branches. Each branch has its own temperature and humidity sensor.

In addition to temperature and humidity monitoring, there is also an option to measure electricity and water consumption. The highest version includes a flood sensor with a shut-off valve for the water supply, which automatically closes in case of necessity.

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